Sisterly Love

I laugh at my neighbor on a daily basis because he has a new local fuck just about everyday. He lives at the house with his sister and he does not work. His sister is a very hardworking woman and lets his brother get away with all this craziness. I just don’t get it because she pays all the bills, buys all the groceries and even pays for his smokes and booze. He is lucky I am not his sister because he would of been out on the street a long time ago!

He comes home just about everyday when the sun comes up and staggers into the house. When his sister is not home his has woman in and out like it is a doctors office. Women are practically hanging off the gutters to try and get into the house. It is kind of amusing to watch what goes on over there and it can stay over there!

The Humorous Side of My Boss

At work today my boss and co-workers were having a very odd discussion when I walked through the doors first thing this morning. Out of all people it was my boss standing in the center explaining to his men that they needed to obtain fuck buddies in order to be happy. My boss is known for cracking wise jokes, but I honestly do not think he was joking on this. He kept a serious face the entire time and walked away without even the slightest grin. As soon as he shut the door to his office, everyone started laughing at his expense. If it wasn’t for the boss’s age it would not have been so funny. But a 60 year old man talking about these types of things is beyond hilarious to all of us. It was most definitely a great way to start our work day.

Price Drops!

Oil prices have surprisingly dropped a little bit in price this year which has allowed me to start putting a little money away for my Leeds escorts night next month. Last year oil was only 25 cents higher, but when you but hundreds of gallons at a time it adds up very quickly. So far I have been able to save over $200.00 towards my night out with the girls. When we go out we always rent a hotel for the night and that itself cost quite a bit. I seem to be the only girl out of the bunch that has trouble paying for the trip, but I am also the only one that has any children so money is very hard to put away. Thankfully with the drop in oil prices I have been able to afford this years trips with all of the lovely ladies in my life.

Off With My Head

My wife is high up in the business that she works for and travels pretty often. Because she is gone so much I get pretty lonely and the kids are always spending the night at their friends house. They are at the age that they do not want to hang out with mom or dad anymore. Mostly too busy with their friends, sports and hanging out at the local public park.

My wife would probably kill me is she knew what I have been up to for about a year. One night I was online and ended up chatting with a very attractive Nottingham escorts female. I offered to take her out for some drinks and we ending up sleeping with each other the very first night. Now I sneak and see her usually about once a week when my wife is too busy to notice that I am even gone!

My First Day on Social Media

Today was my first day ever joining a social media site and so far I am absolutely hooked on it. Within the first twenty minutes of me being online, I had at least eight friend requests. One guy actually surprised me when he asked if I would wanna fuck sometime soon. I could not believe that this type of stuff actually happened on social media sites? Although it was quite flattering at my age, I still thought it as a little bit rude. Thankfully, I found a way to block others who are not my friend from messaging me or seeing my profile. I am not really into the internet dating scene, so I would rather not get a million messages from strangers. If for some reason I did, I would not do it over my profile, but on an actual dating site where I could choose who I wanted to chat with personally.

The Unaccounted For Bachelor

We had a bachelors party for my buddy and we had a great time at the beginning! First the limo picked up 10 of us and we were headed out to a high class restaurant to get some food in us. After that we stopped at a couple of bars and ended up at an upscale dancing club 3 hours a way. We were all having a great time and the next thing I noticed was that the soon to be groom was missing in action.

We looked for him for about 2 hours and he was not answering his cell phone. We had no choice but to leave with the limo and go home for the night. The next night he called me and told me that he hooked up with a Manchester escorts female and that he would no longer be getting married. I was in complete shock and did not know what to say!

It’s Time

I finally got my house painted and I am ready to start moving in all of my personal belongings from my moms garage. This is my first time on my own and I’m starting off in a three bedroom home! I have to say I owe all my thanks to an independent Newcastle escort. If it was not for them I would have never gotten hired there, which in return means I never would have gotten my home. I have worked so hard in the past year to save for a deposit for my home and I was just a few grand shy last month when I planned to buy the place. When my boss heard about my little predicament he decided to hand out incentive checks and made mine out to be the exact amount I needed to get in. How much better does life get?

In With The New

I have been out looking for a new fuck buddy for a couple of weeks and it’s not going that well. I guess I just keep ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time on the weekends.

The buddy that I have now is just starting to get old and boring for me after two years. We communicate very well and we have been honest with each other since the beginning. I haven’t been honest about searching for someone new, I don’t know how I am going to tell her yet.

I will miss all of the interests that we both share such as skiing and boating. We have gone out on my boat several times, but I am ready for out with the old and in with the new.